Set TV is excited to announce after 4 months of development we have finally launched a fully automated website, shopping cart and order processing system that automatically creates codes for free trials, new accounts and adds time to existing accounts. It is pretty awesome! Test it out at click here

We are offering a private label version of the website to re-sellers for $3,600*
14-21 day delivery time from receipt of funds AND pointing your domain to our servers. No work can start until the domain name is pointed.

Similar to , this new lightweight design loads faster, is more mobile friendly and is the most current update.  With automation integrated with an OpenCart store to accept payment for orders. 

1. Lightweight Design

2. Mobile Friendly 

3. Your Logo (provided by client) 

4. Company name edits

5. Your pricing structure.

6. Explainer video with your logo and website name voiceover.

7. You can purchase boxes from Set to ship yourself or we can add your own boxes to sell on the site.  We have made a space to display boxes for sale as example.  YOU are responsible for shipping.

8. Customer can place orders on your site including payments (only, Square are available options) using YOUR merchant account. 

9. Your contact information and form to receive customer emails.

10.  Includes website hosting and SSL security.

11. Includes backups of orders.

12.  24/7 monitoring of server uptime.

This REQUIRES a Master Panel. Master Panels of varying credits sold separately

We are selling you the automation technology for the subscriptions. We are not offering a 100% customized web design. The designs we provide you are PROVEN to make thousands of transactions a day, and millions in sales, you just need to use your marketing skills to bring the customers to your website. 


1.  Branded APK/APP with your store name and logo.

With Automation definition:  A customer places an order on your site, they make payment and the system automagically creates an account in your panel, posts their new credentials into the account area in the store, and sends the customer an email with their credentials. This occurs around the clock, while you sleep (including free trials!).  When a customer needs to renew their subscription, they login to the store, purchase the subscription period, checkout and the time will be automagically added to their subscription and confirmed via email and in their online account in the store. This REQUIRES a Master Panel. Master Panels of varying credits sold separately

Note: This does not mean you should leave the store unattended, sometimes an order does not complete as it is missing information not filled in by the customer and therefore you should watch your store like any business. 

Automated Website

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • $3,600.00